Hello! I am Aditya

aka @foxy4096 🦊

About Me My Work

About Me 🔗

Hello, I am A Dumb Web Developer Who Loves Django. I am also a high school student, who makes stuff with django, or at least try to 😓.
Well nothing too fancy, I am currently learning Rust 🦀.

I also know HTML 📄, Python 🐍, Javascript 🌎, little bit CSS ✨, Java 💀, C# 🎮.
Not gonna lie java sucks

I currently work at @Ripledd and at @Visualway.

My Work 🔗

Well here are some on my projects that I have made.


🌟 A social media made with Django, Bulma and jQuery. 🎉

Django Polls

A simple polling app made in Django and Bootstrap


A kind of spotify clone made with django.


A simple API wrapper made for Ripledd.


A simple E-commerce shop made with Django and Bulma


Just some of my projects I made for fun